Urban Source

Urban Source was established in 1995 as a non-profit mail order catalogue specializing in sustainable transportation books. Since becoming a project of Moving the Economy in 1998,  UrbanSource has extended its global reach by taking its catalogue on-line and increasing the range of available resources – now 200 titles – to include urban planning, climate change and other issues.

Always looking for ways to increase awareness and action of citizens around the world through books and other resources, The York University Bookstore has a commitment not only to assist in the furthering of these academic pursuits, but also to support the interests of the urban community it serves. Together, we aim to reinvest a percentage of our earnings in sustainable transportation projects with compatible vision and spirit.

UrbanSource partners with several organizations that share our vision of sustainable transportation, smarter urban planning and the elimination of climate change. We thank our current partners, including:


  • City Of Toronto: Urban Planning and Development Services (UDS)
  • Toronto Cycling Committee (TCC)
    UDS and TCC provide Detour’s UrbanSource with generous inkind and moral support as we pursue our mission.
  • Also see Friends of Urban Source


UrbanSource is always looking for new, fun and exciting ways to expand our outreach and spread the good word on sustainable transportation and other urban issues. We welcome contributions of all kinds, including (but not limited to):

· Creating new marketing and partnership ideas
· Data collation
· Helping at sustainable transportation and urban ecology events
· Researching new resources for addition to our catalogue
· Reviews of books, magazines & videos
· Staying in touch with customers, partners and other interested parties

Not all these positions require that you live in Toronto so if you have a few spare hours each month, we’d love to hear from you! Please drop us a line or give us a call and let us know what skills you can contribute. We may or may not be able to pay you, but there is a lot to learn and we sure have fun!

UrbanSource is creating cross-promotional partnerships with other like-minded organizations in order to spread the sustainable transportation word further and faster. Here is a quick overview of how we work together:

1) UrbanSource provides our partners’ members and/or subscribers with a 10% discount on all regularly priced titles listed on our web site. UrbanSource supplies the partner with a short description of the partnership, which is then delivered to the partners’ members by e-mail and/or in a newsletter. In the case of magazines, an on-going advertisement promoting the partnership is placed in each issue.

2) For those UrbanSource customers who are not aware of the partner, UrbanSource provides printed information (supplied by the partner) with each book shipment.

3) Web site links, including logos and organizational descriptions, are established between UrbanSource and the partner.


Note: We are currently closed for business and reconsidering our business model. Please accept our sincere apologies.