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UrbanSource is partnering with the York University Bookstore to bring you an extensive selection of sustainable transportation, urban planning and climate change books. All books, magazines and CDs are resident on the UrbanSource site for browsing. However, when you are ready to make a purchase (i.e. click on “Purchase” button within the UrbanSource site), you will be seamlessly linked to the York University Bookstore’s shopping cart. After you have decided on quantities and clicked on “Purchase” a second time, you will notice that the York University logo is in the top right hand corner of your browser. At this point, you can “checkout” or continue shopping by clicking on your browser’s “BACK” button twice to return to the UrbanSource site.

If you are having any problems whatsoever, please contact us at

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The York University Bookstore shopping cart system uses “cookies” to store your selections, the most common cause of items disappearing from your shopping cart is when cookies are either not supported or disabled. Our website has been tested extensively with Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, and Netscape Navigator 4.08 and later.

To enable cookies with Internet Explorer 5.0:
1. Click “Tools” -> “Internet Options”
2. Choose the “Security Tab” and click the “Custom Level” button
3. Scroll down and enable the cookies by selecting the checkbox.

To enable cookies with Netscape Navigator 4.0:
1. Click “Edit” -> “Preferences”,
2. Click “Advanced”
3. Enable cookies by choosing the option under the “Cookies” section.


Note: We are currently closed for business and reconsidering our business model. Please accept our sincere apologies.