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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Job Interview Question?

Many people seem to get very nervous when it comes to getting interviewed.This is normal! You get used to it with more experience.

The reason is because many people think that since they have to answer many different questions in a timely manner they get stuck and sometimes confused or lost because they either forget what to say or just do not know what the questions mean.

Also, they start wondering on why they would even ask such a question.

The main reasons for asking the question tell me about yourself is because they want to see how you are going to respond and react to the question. Also, they want to see what you think is the most important to you about the job.

Many people get the basic question of an interview asked first and also know as the most frequent question in the interview.

When the person that is interviewing you and says tell me about yourself, they are mainly looking for answers that is about you and the job that you have applied for. Many people seem to get very nervous or try to say as little as much as possible when it comes to this interview question because they do not know what exactly it is they want you to say. From my perspective I have learned many tricks and tips to help me when it comes to this interview question.

For example, when I had my very first interview at my first job which was at Long John Silver’s/ AW I learned how to just pretend as if I am talking to someone I just met but, in a more professional manner. This helps because when you first meet someone they say the same thing as a person would when they interview you. They would say something like tell me something about you and right then and their you think of things that you want to tell the person but, not everything.

This is the same way with your interview…

Let them know the important things but, not everything about you. Think of this question as if you were in school and had to write a paper about yourself. You would basically make a summary of things about you but, once again you have not told your whole entire life story.

Some things that you can let the interviewer know when they want to know about you is if your still in school or have graduated. Also, you can let them know if you are currently in college and if you have pursued any degree or certificates.

Let them know things that you enjoy doing but, would pertain to the job that you have applied for. You can also include small highlights of your qualifications and skills that you have. During an interview you want to also make sure that you are being professional by sitting up tall, not always saying ummm or waiting too long to answer a question, just answer the best way you can.

Also, you want to show great listening and communication skills to let your interviewer know that you are interested in what he/she is saying. Also, let them know what position you were looking for and why.

Some other tips and tricks that you can do before you go to an interview is prepare yourself before you go.

Which means look up some common interview questions and go through them and also give answers to what you would want your response to sound like when your actually there. Also, they throw this question out to you because they want to see if you really know what skills, experiences and abilities you have that are most important for the position you are going for. Some things that you do not want to do when your asked this question is to make sure you do not go into depth and end up telling your entire life story.

Also, you do not want to tell your entire resume, you only want to hit the key points of your resume that is known to be important for the interviewers. Also, you do not want to ask the question or respond by saying what do you want to know about me because that will show you are very unprepared and not a good candidate for the job. Make sure that you keep it short and simple when it comes to answering about yourself. Something that everyone should know is practice makes perfect.

Knowing how to answer the question in the right way can help you be a successful person when it comes to interview.

An interview is known to be the process to show an employees potential and also their skills that they are able to present on the job. So, making sure that you answer the interview questions the best you can will help you get a job quickly. No matter what the interview question is you have to make sure you are confident and answer in properly.

It helps the interviewer with the hiring process and your position of the job. Also, the interview is known to evaluate the candidate. An interview is known to be the most successful tools to getting great employees with outstanding potential.

Also, the interview tests your knowledge and contents in other areas. Like, your general areas which are your mental ability, personality and your goals and interests. It shows how you can retain your information and how you process the information in your interview.

It also shows what your goals are that your trying to reach and accomplish as an employee.

Another content that an interview test is your experience which basically means the prior jobs you had and the prior knowledge and experience that you gained from your last job and that same position that your applying for at the other job.

The last area that an interview tests you in is the core job elements the basic things needed to get the job. They also asks you questions like what are your weaknesses and strengths which can be known when they ask the question tell me about yourself because it lets them know how prepared you are how you qualify to be an employee at this job because your strengths and weaknesses lets them know if those are the things needed to get and maintain the job.

So, let me share with you some answers;

“I’ve been working as a manager with PwC Consulting for the past 4 years. During this time, I was incredibly privileged to have undertaken over 100 projects in various industries. Amongst these, 2 projects have definitely conquered my heart. First being with a regional ministry of social affairs. The program we developed for the ministry allowed 3,500,000 people to access social welfare and we strategically engineered the program in a way that yields from the fund grows consistently year over year, allowing better services for the ones in need.

Another project I am most proud of is when we developed and implemented organizational transformation strategies for a Fortune 500 client. This 2-month work resulted in 24,000 employees keeping their jobs.  

Prior to PwC, I was with 2 other consulting companies specializing in sustainability and project management. And I started my career with S&P where I worked as an analyst until 2008 recession which is when I was laid off – I guess some would find this ironic…

In addition to this, I have an MBA degree from Cass Business School of City University London and I hold various professional certifications, including PMPPMI-RMP, and CMA.

Now, I’m looking forward to taking my career to the next level with ABC and continuing to add more value to my clients under your umbrella.”

Source: The Career Mastery, Tell Me About Yourself Article

Hope you enjoyed today’s article. See you next month with more career enhancing tips and tricks!