I just realized it’s been quite a while since I updated the website. I just wanted to let you in on a few developments. Over the past 2 months, we have had discussions with various regional and international ¬†headhunting firms. Our intention is to provide the best support to our subscriber base. This support will come in the form of assistance to finding jobs post graduation. This was indicated as the biggest challenge you are facing. So, we thought that should be the new direction of Urban Source. We believe our new partner – soon to be announced – will be able to increase your employment opportunities and quickly progress in your career. Please stay tuned for new updates.

Things Are Changing

Hello Everyone,

As you may have heard the bad news; we are out of business! Urbansource will continue its life in a completely different direction. We are not 100% sure how this all thing will turn out but we are thinking to engage experts and continue to help students in one way or another.

At the moment, we have identified the biggest problem in our senior education system is the fact that our students have tremendous problem finding suitable employments to their background. The quality jobs absolutely dried up for those who need to start paying back their financial obligations

This is alarming for many students. So, it’s my thinking that the new direction of Urban Source can just be about that. Help students find employment. In what capacity? I am not yet sure. It can be purely educational where we share with you interview guidance, career guidance, tools for preparing for your interviews, or simply how to create opportunities with big employers. Things are a bit funny as of now. However, within a month, the new direction will be clear and we will further engage with you.

Until then, please stay tuned.


The New Urban Source Team