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· “You’ve got a drool-worthy selection!”
Activist, Toronto, Canada
· “I love your site and ethic!”
Bicycle Courier, Winnipeg, Canada
· “Your site is a terrific resource.”
Author, New York, USA
· “Excellent site”
Author, London, England
· “What a variety of information on the website!”
Urban Planner, New Jersey, USA
· “Your publications are really interesting! Thank you — I enjoy your incredible program!”
Environmental Organizer, Austria
· “I’m very excited to have learned about Detour. Keep up the good work.”
Naturalist Centre Director, Midhurst, Ontario, Canada
· “You guys have a great list of publications – cutting edge and stylish.”
Student, Berkeley, California, USA
· “This is an impressive set-up. Keep up the righteous work.”
Activist, Australia
· “I have listened to the Song Cycles CD. I must say it is probably the outstanding bicycle influenced madrigal recording of the 20th century! And fun, too!”
Cyclist, Detroit, MI
· “Thanks for including my book in your excellent catalogue!”
Author, London, UK
· “Love the catalogue!”
Smart Growth Coordinator, Vancouver, Canada
· “Kudos to all your effort in promoting alternatives.”
Bicycling Committee, Canada
· “Great selection! I run an after school youth bike program, garden, and tutoring center, so the resources you offer are perfect!”
Public School, USA
· “Thank you for existing and helping to spread this message.”
Bicycling Coordinator, USA
· “I’ve gone through the Detour web site and it’s really excellent — well organized, well laid out, easy to move around, and it looks good.”
Activist, Canada
· “I’ve just come across your catalogue – you’ve got a very fine list.”
Magazine Editor, UK
· “Your website rules!”
Activist, USA
· “It is great to see how far Detour has progressed (since 1996). Congratulations!”
Video Producer, Canada
· “You are doing a great job and I appreciate your service. I will refer you to others in the future.”
Planner, Canada
· “I had a look at your website and I think it’s great. You provide a very valuable service.”
Environmental Organization, Canada
· “I love what you guys are doing for mankind.”
Student, Canada
· “It makes me glad that there are some people who think a little like me.”
Activist, USA
· “Hey, this is a great site! I am an Urban Planning student and my goal is to work in transportation policy towards planning car-free cities, etc.”
Student, USA
· “Congratulations on your bulletin. It’s a treasure trove of info and useful links. I must have spent a couple of hours reading and following links to other sites…”
Policy Maker, Canada
· “It’s great to see so many resources available at one location.”
Pedestrian-Bicycle Coordinator, Department of Transportation, USA
· “I am writing my senior thesis on citizen-level response to car culture, and I am elated to have discovered your company. Thank you.”
Student, USA
· “The catalogue is great! Makes me want to buy everything.”
Activist, Canada
· “Good stuff!”
Vice President, Urban Park, Toronto, Canada